Shipping fees are not included in prices. Pick up or delivery can be scheduled in Lincoln, NE. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the items below.

Ready to ship, deliver, or be picked up!

These pieces have been hand crafted without a particular person in mind. They are fully complete and ready to be picked up, shipped, or delivered on short notice. If you see something that is similar to what you want, please contact us and we can discuss options for creating a piece specifically for you!

Nebarska Rivers Coffee Table


Natural edge maple slab with Nebraska rivers inlaid with a bluish green epoxy set on a powder coated steel base. This table is durable enough to be a bench as well, if desired. The rough dimensions of the table are 37 by 19 and 20 high.

Made to order!

These items may take some time to create specially for you. Please contact us to discuss what you would like and we'll be able to give you a specific price and timeline. We can adjust sizes, wood species, styles, and finishes. And we love being able to personalize items with laser engravings! From keychains to jewelry boxes to dressers, we can integrate personalizations just about anywhere.

If you see something similar to what you want below, or have an idea not listed, just send us some pictures of what you like and let us know the parts you like from each picture. We can use that as a starting point to give you a rough estimate. If the rough estimate is acceptable we'll flesh out and finalize a design with you and provide a final estimate before starting work on the project. We want to make sure that what we make for you meets the need you have.

Set of 6 Ornaments


Each ornament is about 3.75 inches tall, specialty and exotic woods increase cost. A variety of snowflakes and other holiday shapes have been designed, but if you want something we haven't done yet just let us know and we can design a new ornament for you. Or if you or your children want to create your own snowflake pattern with paper we can take your cutout and turn it into a wooden ornament for you!

Hardwood Dresser


Price can vary quite a bit for these, as the type of wood, size, number of drawers, and hardware all affect the cost in different ways. Let us know what you're after and we can get you a better idea for the price!

Customized Frames


Frame cost varies some with wood selection. These are easily customized with a laser engraving; whether that would be a name, a date (e.g. wedding date, birthday, etc), location, or anything else you could want. Size of frame will also affect price; the above listed price is for a frame that holds an 8x10 photo.

Natural Edge Cutting/Serving Board


Size of board and species of wood both affect price. These boards can be personalized with names, words, dates, or other designs as desired.

Personalized Keychains


The main cost variance for these is the quantity you purchase. A single keychain would be $2, but buying multiple, even with different names/words on them, decreases cost per keychain. A fun and cheap way to commemorate a gathering or to provide individualized gifts for a large group or family.