Christmas Ornament Sets

Project Description

A set of snowflake or variety ornaments cut out of 1/8th inch hardwood. Each ornament is about 3.75 inches tall. Additonal designs can be made upon request for a small fee. If you or your children would like to design their own snowflakes or ornaments, I can cut those out as well; providing a unique and personal ornament set for you and your family.

Project Details

  • Personalizable
  • Unique Variety

Made to order


Each ornament is about 3.75 inches tall, specialty and exotic woods increase cost. A variety of snowflakes and other holiday shapes have been designed, but if you want something we haven't done yet just let us know and we can design a new ornament for you. Or if you or your children want to create your own snowflake pattern with paper we can take your cutout and turn it into a wooden ornament for you!